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The Netherlands

By hoteliers, for hoteliers

Robin Hagedoorn, the creator of Bunk Hotels, co-founded The Pods Factory. These award-winning luxury hostels, bridging the gap between hotel and hostel, were the initial testing grounds for what has now become The Pods Factory. In the long process of creating the perfect pods for Bunk, we made numerous mistakes. So you don’t have to make them.

More value per square meter

Our pods and their configuration save space. This optimal use of floor space allows for more guests per square meter. Creating more premium pillows for your venue as travelers are willing to pay extra for privacy and comfort, resulting in higher monthly revenues, all in the same amount of space. What’s not to like?

Bunk Hotels had:

Revenue increase 0
Optimisation 0

This may differ per project. What would your advantage be?

Super swift and smooth installation

We know you are hesitant about remodeling dormitories or other spaces in your hotel or hostel. Every day you are closed will cost you money. That is why we prepare and prebuild everything in our factory based on your wishes. The final implementation time on site is minimal. Start generating revenue sooner with The Pods Factory.

Endless Podsibilities

You have worked hard to create your hostel’s brand to make it stand out. Good news. We can go wild with branding your pods. The possibilities are endless. Each pod has a sleeping area with a large single or double bed, lighting, and power points. Optional is an anteroom for extra privacy, storage space, a folding table, chair, mirror, coat rack, curtain, and how about a laptop locker? We can even arrange truly incredible mattresses.

Once you have chosen the mix of pods you desire for your venue, you can mix and match colors and styles and add logos and images. Endless podsibilities. What will your perfect pod look like?

Focus on more revenue by offering your guests more comfort and privacy

10 reasons why pods are such a great idea

  • Optimal use of floor space
  • Less floor space as a bunk bed
  • More guests per square meter
  • Higher turnover per night
  • Fast payback time
  • More privacy and comfort
  • long-lasting, durable product
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Demountable and reversible

10 reasons to choose The Pods Factory

  • Proven concept
  • Hoteliers ourselves, we know (y)our business
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Tailor-made for your brand
  • Customized layout to your wishes
  • 3D renders on request
  • Advice on power and fire safety
  • Project guidance from A to Z
  • Affordable
  • Come and see for yourself

Case Studies

Take a look at our achievements. Don’t believe our word for it. This is what your colleagues in hospitality say.

City Trip Hostels

"From the very beginning of City Trip Hostels Purmerend a couple of years ago, we acknowledged the significant value of sleeping pods. By using floor space as smartly as possible while offering the finest experience to our guests, in addition to the best return on investment, we created a formula carved in gold. We recently opened our second branch in Zaandam. Together with The Podsfactory, you can conquer the world."

Maarten van der Linde & Jeffrey Langereis Founders

Stadsklooster Dordt

“The sleeping pods enabled us to diversify and optimize our room mix, offering both private pods and cozy rooms. Pods are, for us, a great solution to attract a wider guest audience and, by doing so, create a unique community vibe. It is a place for everybody, from romantic couples to adventurous backpackers and small groups. Pods enabled us to be much more flexible in our offering.”

Erwin Wietses Director

Will & Tate

“We’ve been using The Pods Factory’s pods for half a year now, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our purchase. What’s even more crucial is that our guests share our enthusiasm. The design of the pods is aesthetically pleasing, and it provides our guests with a heightened sense of privacy during their stay.”

Niek Taat Co-founder & General Manager