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About The
Pods Factory

Redefining luxury pods

The long road to a vision

The Pods Factory was founded by Robin Hagedoorn, creator of Bunk Hotels, and Bram Breukers, social furniture and logistics expert. Bunk Hotels, award-winning luxury hostels that bridge the gap between hotel and hostel, served as the initial testing grounds for what has now become The Pods Factory.

Pod hotels are not new. They have successfully existed in Japan for decades, although the Japanese-style pods are very cramped. Not very appealing. But the space-saving and privacy idea is simply fantastic. “When I started on Bunk, refurbishing two old churches into luxury hostels, I knew I wanted pods,” says Robin Hagedoorn. “But I wanted luxury pods. I wanted our guests to have a premium experience for an excellent price. I wanted the pods to be produced sustainably. I wanted different types. They had to be modular. Durable. Easy to install. Easy to clean. Tailor-made.” Enter Bram Breukers, who joined forces with Hagedoorn to materialize his vision. It was easier said than done. The road toward this pod vision proved to be long and bumpy. It took over a year of searching, planning, measuring, testing, making mistakes, and making them again until the perfect pod was finally born. “I am a bit of a perfectionist,” Hagedoorn smiles. “When we finally created the perfect product, we had actually created a pod factory,” says Breukers. “So, we decided to help other hoteliers trailblaze toward the future of hospitality, not having to reinvent the wheel repeatedly. Thus, The Pods Factory was born. We invite you to check out Bunk, the other colleagues in hospitality we helped, and, of course, our pods to discuss how The Pods Factory can help you create more revenue and a fantastic pod experience for your guests. We strongly feel that everybody gains in the transformation process toward a pod-filled future: guests and owners alike.

We are looking forward to talking to you.”