Graafland 18-A2
2964 BH Groot Ammers
The Netherlands


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City Trip Hostels

"From the very beginning of City Trip Hostels Purmerend a couple of years ago, we acknowledged the significant value of sleeping pods. By using floor space as smartly as possible while offering the finest experience to our guests, in addition to the best return on investment, we created a formula carved in gold. We recently opened our second branch in Zaandam. Together with The Podsfactory, you can conquer the world."

Maarten van der Linde & Jeffrey Langereis Founders

Stadsklooster Dordt

“The sleeping pods enabled us to diversify and optimize our room mix, offering both private pods and cozy rooms. Pods are, for us, a great solution to attract a wider guest audience and, by doing so, create a unique community vibe. It is a place for everybody, from romantic couples to adventurous backpackers and small groups. Pods enabled us to be much more flexible in our offering.”

Erwin Wietses Director

Will & Tate

“We’ve been using The Pods Factory’s pods for half a year now, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our purchase. What’s even more crucial is that our guests share our enthusiasm. The design of the pods is aesthetically pleasing, and it provides our guests with a heightened sense of privacy during their stay.”

Niek Taat Co-founder & General Manager